Digital Design

Creating 3D objects by Blender that can be purchased and used through 3D Asset vendors.   Some samplings of experiments, incorporating the mix of DAZ 3D and Blender.   Read more →

Sketch Cards

Sketch Cards pack a lot into a small space.  These original sketch cards artwork measure 2.5″ x 3.5″.  Often I don’t have the luxury to spend long hours on drawing, so making the sketch cards in shorter time periods has made them fun and appealing for me. ‘B-Movies’ and Pulp artwork are my biggest influences.       Read more →

Line Of Vision

‘Line of Vision’ is a series of prints I made with both a statement and play on words. There are literal lines created in the final images, made from photos I had taken, printed, and then literally ripped and re-assembled. That process of creation, destruction, and creation made lines.  More importantly is the message of the series, that we as… Read more →

Plastic Art

I’ve taught myself a process of polymer sculpting, silicone molding, and resin casting.  A sampling of items I’ve made are shown below.  There is a great global community of collector’s that I’ve met (mostly online).  Some items are commissioned, others were works that I personally wanted to make.  A number of items I’ve made are owned by collectors in Japan… Read more →